I love bath products and always have! I am addicted to websites with anything bath related and found myself spending money I didn’t have to support my habit. I stumbled across Bath Bombs on a few websites and thought that they were the coolest thing I had ever seen.

I got interested in making Bath Bombs right after I got married, and moved with my wonderful husband to Greenville, SC. It was extremely difficult for me to leave my family and friends and move 4 hours away and adjust to "City Life." I found myself searching for a fun and time intensive hobby because it was just me and my husband all by ourselves here... and of course our silly cats! Soon after we moved, we were blessed with our little bundle of joy, "Nicholas" and while he was napping, I taught myself how to make amazing, Shea Butter filled bath bombs.

I started making bath bombs as a hobby and soon found myself making a small salary. I started marketing myself on Ebay and craft websites and have proudly made fabulous bath bombs for boutiques, spas, shops and salons.

I decided to start my own website, "Bella Bomb.com" to offer hand-made bath bombs to anyone who loves them (as well as wholesale and private-label) to sassy stores, breathtaking boutiques & scrumptious spas!

Now here it is almost twelve years later and i am still making these little treats!  You can tell I love what I do! 

I love what I do and I am great at it! I hope I can work with you and yours!


Marty Owens
Bella Bomb.com
ma-owens at att.net